About Me



This is . . . or was me. But the essence of this picture, pretty much sums up me. Easy going. Free-spirited. And at times, eclectic. I’ve actually cleaned up a little bit these days for the sake of “professionalism” whatever the heck that is, though I pretty much still look the exact same, nearly 10 years later; baby-faced and skinny. I still get carded at pubs!

I’m currently a college student. A non-traditional college student, which has been an interesting ordeal, but it’s fun and I’m learning everyday. I’m a photographer and aspire to one day use my photography and my degree to assist with non-profit organizations in global humanitarian aid. I’m a HUGE advocate for education, and thus, a part of my goal is to teach in developing countries, because I’m a firm believer that education is a huge factor in empowering people to improve their lives.

So anyway, enjoy the photos and don’t be afraid to leave feedback. A large part of becoming a better photographer and/or writer is receiving constructive criticism.


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Chris!!!
    Checked over your work on Leanne’s blog & i must say you’ve done one heck of a job. :)

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