Fly Free

This photo is from my archives, but felt it would be good to share.

The inspiration behind this photo was to capture the thought of freedom. A couple years ago, a mentor told me “Christopher – you and I are eagles. Eagles that need to be kept in a cage.” He said this in response to some rather harsh decisions I had made while in El Salvador. While under his mentorship, I acquiesced and submitted fully under his tutelage. It wasn’t easy, but I learned some valuable lessons, developed my self-concept and awareness. Without that discussion, I’d likely be a little behind in my self-development.

In reflection, I’ve concluded that it’s better to fly free, and fall from the sky, than to be caged up unable to spread my wings. Free your mind.



8 thoughts on “Fly Free

  1. This is a great capture. Whenever I see such photos of birds I’m thinking I really should go out and try to shoot some birds in flight in a bit more artistic and experimental way rather than the classic nature photographer way with a telephoto lens and lots of sharpness. Unfortunately laziness all too often takes over…

    • It’s all a matter of expression, eh? I feel that sometimes being confined to the normal or traditional ways of shooting really limits artistic inspiration. Thanks for the comment!

    • Thanks for the comment! The motion to me, was mesmerizing and gave me a sense of freedom, vicariously through the birds taking flight. It was as if my troubles for the moment, went with them into the air.

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