“I just felt like running . . .”

I’ve been in the UK for 7 months now. As a part of my routine wherever I go, I run.

Many years ago, when I first watch Forrest Gump as a child, the only two things I took away from that film were, 1. What the hell was that weird grunting noise from when the principal visited Forrest’s mom . . . late at night? and 2. Running is a unique expression of who we are – though, at the time, I just remember associating Forrest’s running quest and wiped his face on a t-shirt and it produced a smiley face . . . running  = happiness?

Since I saw that film, I’ve been an avid runner. I attribute my initial interest in running to that film, because it’s true. I didn’t know what running was for. As a kid, it’s just an activity. As I got older, through competition or through leisure (yes, I said leisure), it took on a whole different meaning. Now, in my late twenties, I can wrap up what I know running to be: An expression. I take on running as an art. I view running almost in a zen-like way. From form to mental discipline, running for me is an important part of my expression as an artist, but also as a human.

Early in March I ran the Bath Half Marathon and last Sunday I completed the Brighton Marathon. Though I’ve encountered many injuries along the way during my training, I still consider these races a success. And I had loads fun doing them :)

Bath Half Marathon and Brighton Marathon . . . check

Bath Half Marathon and Brighton Marathon . . . check


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