Run Happy – Brooks Running

I was finally able to get my second pair of shoes today – the Brooks Pure Connect 3. I was also hoping to start breaking them in today, but seeing as how I’d more likely be swimming from the torrential rains and being blown by the winds – I’m chalking this one up as a “rest” day.

When will the inclement UK weather will subside to “decent” weather???


Brooks Pure Connect 3

Brooks Pure Connect 3


4 thoughts on “Run Happy – Brooks Running

    • I haven’t run in the PC’s before . . . but I’ve been running in the Pure Grit 2’s for the past week or so and love them! I’ll give a brief overview once I’ve been able to put some miles on them! :)

    • Hi Ani,

      I love Brooks, too! I’ve never ran in the Ravenna’s before. Since I was 9 (28 now) I’ve been running in Brooks. When I was 12 I started running with the Adrenaline GTS and then the Trance. My shoe rotation has always been keeping a pair of Adrenaline GTS on hand along with my Trance shoes.

      But seeing as how I’m a forefoot striker, and a light runner, I’ve now opted for a more minimalist shoe!

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