Day 162(194)



Day 162 of 365

As the quarter gets closer and closer to the end, it get’s busier and busier. It’s hard sometimes to leave my cave, worrying I’ll be forsaking the greater responsibility: homework and studying. But I’ve also noticed, that there must at some point come a break to re-energize and relax the lobes. For me, this relaxation comes in the form of photography. Just going on a short drive or walk, opening my mind and emotions to whatever catches the eye.

I like this one because it shows that the world doesn’t always have to be seen traditionally. As a photographer, we’re always challenged to look through the lens in a different way. What do you feel or think when you see this image?

Here’s a bonus I took from yesterday . . . I couldn’t find it on my card and noticed that for some reason, my camera decided to store it in a new file.

Graveyard Cairn

Graveyard Cairn


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