Day 118(248)



Day 118 of 365

This is Chairs, the next in my series of local shops. This is a very student-friendly environment. Tue – Sat they are open from 7am-9pm and welcome students to come in and study…some for hours. Sun and Mon they’re open from 7am – 6pm. They do offer free password-protected Wi-Fi and even offer a 10% discount to students, and many others, including those who bike to the shop…all you have to do is wave your helmet in their face et voilà a discount! The coffee is fair-trade, organic, delicious and locally roasted at Roast House.

Here’s an interior shot

Chairs Interior

Chairs Interior

and a picture of some of the food varieties they offer…

London fog w/spinach quiche

London fog w/spinach quiche

If you find yourself wandering the dark alleys of Spokane (hopefully not), wonder on over to this shop and share a seat with me over a nice double macchiato or a London Fog!


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